And Misi Nyilas sat down among us…

Interactive film and media classes

Interactive and theoretical film and media practices are offered to students and adults interested in the profession. Our guided tours introduce the entire Hungarian film history, and besides that visitors can get to know the basic film-aesthetic and professional skills during the media-pedagogical trainings. They can take part in motion-picture and media knowledge lessons, in which they can access to the related educational curriculum and complementary materials as well.

Registration required in advance.

More activities for groups

Daytime camp

Have cloudless amusement and unforgettable holiday experiences in our camps! You can learn while exploring successes and failures of the Hungarian film history through funny exercises.

School trips

If you happen to be in the vicinity of the Theme Park, you must visit it! You can acquire new knowledge and new adventures while seeing the Hungarian film history, shooting your own shorts and putting your legs in the shoes of the super secret agent Nick Graboswki from Cat City.

Drama education

Seldom comes the opportunity to give life to a must-read novel. You can revive the plot of Be Faithful Unto Death by Zsigmond Móricz inside an authentic film set