If you want be a French king...

Costume and film set design collections

It’s up to you if you want to be a king or a beggar. You can wear any costumes and act your favourite scene from your favourite film.

You can choose to your liking from hundreds of costumes and shoot a short film inside film sets or in the karaoke corner. Shoot and share!

The gourmet can study the set-design collection and get familiar with certain film classics. Set-designs are the real gems of the exhibition. It is worth observing in what styles designers painted and drew. How they imagined different characters of novels

More attractions

Polish, Czech and Slovak movie poster collection

Visitors can see different, well-known and less-known, but cultic, Polish, Czech and Slovak cinematic posters of films directed by names such as Jerzy Kawalerovicz, Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polanski, Krystof Zanussi, Agnieszka Holland and many other celebrated masters.

Hungarian Film Poster Collection

53 Hungarian film posters starting from Michael Curtiz’s A vörös sámson, shot in 1914 to the 1989 film titled Túszörténet by Gyula Gazdag.

Green Screen Slide

If you have enough courage, don’t hesitate for a moment! Let’s try the 80 meter long slide! Be a war hero and slide through debris of war.

Help us grow our collection

Our main goal is to give unforgettable memories to our visitors through our film relics. We are glad to accept all film related offerings (cameras, camcorders, projectors, other film technology equipments, film reels, film posters, stills and scientific literatures, documents).

If you can contribute to our collection, please contact us: info@nfe.hu.