Jósvafő and its region

The tale-telling Jósvafő is situated on a picturesque area. The region, abounding in both natural and architectural heritages, offers unforgettable experiences to those longing for special recreational activities. You can find here: Törőfej Valley, Baradla Cave, Tohonya Creek Valley, Kossuth Cave and Imre Vass Cave.

Aggtelek Mayor's Office

Jósvafő, Petőfi S. u. 42.


48 506 202

More attractions

Aggtelek National Park

The Aggtelek Karst boasts more than 300 caves of various sizes within its 49420 acre territory. This amazing underground world can be visited for light, one-hour tours, half-day more adventurous tours, or a number of variations in Aggtelek’s six caves open to the public.

Digital Power Plant

The Digital Power Plant is situated next to the National Film Theme Park on the territory of the Industiral Park of Ózd. One of its main elements is the Digital Carpathian Basin Exhibition, which is a gallery that introduces the history and traditions of the Carpathian Basin with the aid of continuously moving sequences.

City of Miskolc

The chief county town offers lots of experiences. The everyday life of the city is full of music, theatre, art and literature programs. The International Opera Festival of Miskolc and the Jameson CineFest International Film Festival have been held here for many years.