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Legal policies and statements

This present data management policy and guide (as of now: Data Management Policy) state that browsing the webpages of the Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. (H-5600 Békéscsaba Repülőtér 029668/A hrsz.; Represented by: Executive Director Lajos Lovas; E-mail: info@forumhungaricum.hu) is considered as an implied conduct regarding that the user accepts the terms and conditions listed below. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. allows the use of the documents (as of now: pages) appearing on this particular server (as of now: server) if the user takes note of and accepts the following terms:

  • The pages that can be found on the server serve only the purpose of information gathering.
  • Contents – as any authorial works (as of now: work) – appearing on the pages of the server are under the protection of the first paragraph of the Copyright Law of 1999. LXXVI. (as of now: C.L.).
  • The authors of the works on these pages allow the multiplication of their works as follows (in the lack of contrary dispositions in their works):
    • Multiplication by downloading is allowed only for reading purposes
    • Multiplying or storing the contents of the pages on electronic data storage devices is not allowed in any forms
  • Any other way of use of the works requires the approval of the author.
  • All the logos, graphics, sounds or images on the pages of the server are protected by the related laws of the European Union and Hungary, especially by the Infosoc Policy, the Hungarian C.L., and the law of 1997. XI. on the protection of trademarks and geographical indications of goods. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. is entitled to use them.
  • The pages of the server are not allowed (except for the free use according to the paragraphs 33-41. of the Hungarian C.L.)
    • to be modified in any way or
    • to be multiplied on any data storage devices by any technical methods, to be copied in whole or parts of them or to be remade or
    • to be spread or used for any commercial purposes or
    • to be broadcasted in public by any technical methods.
  • Usage without permission will open the possibility for employing criminal law and civil law (compensation) sanctions.

The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. reserves the rights to modify or remake its website any time and to restrict or suspend its accessibility. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. does not guarantee the continuous and errorless access to the pages on its server. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. is not liable for the content accuracy and reliability of the websites that are linked on its website.

The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. disclaims liability regarding the suitability of the information items, graphics, diagrams, images and software displayed on the pages of this server for any purposes. All the documents, graphics, diagrams and images are displayed in their present states without any warranty and they can be changed without any warnings in advance. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. disclaims liability for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or any other damages (including without limitation: the missed profit, interruption of the course of business or damages caused by lost business information or data loss).

Possibilities for judicial remedies

Concerning copyright and rights relating to personality, the liability for the documents uploaded in the database of the Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. is undertaken by the institute that uploaded the certain record. The Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. will remove every uploaded content that infringes copyrights or rights relating to personality from its public database if the situation cannot be settled by judicial remedies.

The Hungarian legislation in force

The original texts can be found on the Hungarian pages.

Copyright Law – 1999. Act LXXVI.

Civil Code – 2013. Act V.